What If I’m Unable to Pay My Bills because of Coronavirus? How to Get Covid-19 Debt Help

 Covid-19 Debt HelpWorkers Across the Nation are Being Impacted by Coronavirus. How Can They Get  Covid-19 Debt Help?

If your income has changed because of the Covid-19 pandemic you are not alone. The stay-at-home orders issued by governors in most states has led to businesses closing and people everywhere having to change their routines.

For many, this means not being able to work. Even those who still have jobs are working fewer hours or suspect a furlough or layoff could be right around the corner.

What can you do if the virus has affected your income and what COVID-19 debt help is available?

Get Your Priorities Straight

First and foremost, you need to protect your health and the health of your loved ones. Doing so might mean changes in your income for the foreseeable future. The government is helping those with immediate financial needs in a variety of ways and for many, this little bit of support might be enough to get them through the crisis.

Food, medication, and overall health – physical and mental – are you your top priorities. This might mean rearranging your bill obligations for the moment and setting aside credit card payments, student loans, and other “non-essential” bills. Some companies are even offering temporary payment relief during this time and student loan payments can be delayed if they are a concern.

In addition to easing debt obligations, many areas have also taken action to prevent financial situations from spiraling out of control. They’ve put moratoriums on evictions and/or foreclosures, extended due dates and repayment deadlines, and restricted negative credit reporting. There might also be low-cost loans available in some cases that wouldn’t be an option under other circumstances.

A list of resources that might offer help for you or your business is available from The Ascent.

Next, don’t let financial issues cause even more stress in your life. We’re all worried right now – some more than others – and you don’t need to add to the problem by wondering where your next credit card payment is going to come from. It’s not going to help your overall health if you are experiencing stress about things you can’t change.

You are not alone.

Covid-19 and all of the concerns it has brought with it is not unique to you. Whether you are worried about your health, the health of others, or your financial situation – or all of these things – you are not alone. There is no reason to feel embarrassment or shame about the circumstances in which you find yourself. If you need help then ask for help and know that you will be okay no matter where that help comes from.

Dealing with Bill Collectors during Covid-19

Should you bother with calls from bill collectors or worry about your usual debt problems right now?


But not in the same way you would before the outbreak.

Under usual circumstances, calls from bill collectors are stressful and require action to avoid drastic measures, such as lawsuits or garnishment of your wages. Not to belittle anyone’s situation in the past or present, but these issues just aren’t as pressing right now. People are focused on paying for essential items and now more than ever, that might mean falling behind on other financial obligations.

COVID-19 Debt Help for People Struggling to Pay Bills

As hard as it might be to believe, debt collectors realize the current situation is unusual. Some consumers and bankruptcy attorneys have even reported a decline in collection calls during this time, but there are no guarantees. If you are one of the lucky ones who has noticed a tapering off of demands, then great for you! But if not, help is available.

The important thing to remember during this time is that you don’t need to worry, at least in the traditional sense, about financial problems. In situations where you’d usually be forced to deal with aggressiveness and lack of understanding from bill collectors, you might find lenders and collectors are willing to work with you.

Stay calm. Know that you aren’t alone. And don’t be afraid to ask for help if you need it.

How has the coronavirus affected you? Do you need help with bills or has it pushed you “over the edge” financially? We might be able to help. We can arrange to speak via video or phone or handle any conferences in this manner in an effort to keep everyone safe.

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