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Three Things You Shouldn’t Do If You’re Sued by a Creditor

When you neglect to pay a debt that creditor has the legal right to file a lawsuit against you. It might seem drastic or intimidating, but it’s actually fairly common. Creditors often take legal action against consumers to collect on debts because they know that even the threat of a lawsuit can prompt a debtor to send money.

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Can Your Bankruptcy Affect Your Kids?

There are many reasons why people struggling financially postpone or avoid bankruptcy. In some cases, that reason is their children. As much as they’d like to utilize the benefits of bankruptcy, they are concerned that doing so would negatively impact their children.

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What the National Chapter 13 Updates Mean for You

For years, lawmakers have been trying to implement better standards for Chapter 13 bankruptcy plans that ensure the process is consistent throughout the country. The goal was to make the filing process simpler and more consistent.

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What are the Most Common Reasons for a Bankruptcy Denial?

Filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy can be a great way to make a fresh start with your finances. And for many people, the experience is relatively stress-free. Once they work up the nerve to file they realize it wasn’t as bad as many believe, and within a matter of weeks they are working their way toward financial freedom. Even if you file for Chapter 13 bankruptcy and commit to a payment plan long-term, there is a renewed sense of confidence and control over your finances.

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Is Bankruptcy Still an Option after a Judgment?

Chances are if a creditor has received a judgement against you, you’ve been struggling with your finances for a while. But like many people, you might’ve ignored the problem hoping it would go away, or you didn’t realize the severity of your situation. A judgement means the court has gotten involved and found in favor of the bill collector.

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In the Midst of Foreclosure? Your Mortgage Company is NOT Your Friend!

Foreclosure can be one of the most frightening experiences of your life. The good news is you aren’t alone. There are people on your side who are there to help you deal with your financial situation and possibly even remain in your home.

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Will Bankruptcy Affect My Second Mortgage?

Most people considering bankruptcy worry about how filing will affect homeownership and their mortgage. But what if it’s a second mortgage causing you concern? Are second mortgages handled the same as primary mortgages in bankruptcy?

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Has Student Loan Debt Driven You Into Bankruptcy?

Life doesn’t always work out as you intend it to.

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Is Bankruptcy an Emergency?

Anyone filing for bankruptcy is likely to consider his or her situation an emergency. Deciding to file is a big decision that takes time, but if you’re like most people, once you commit to filing for bankruptcy you’re ready to move forward as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, the bankruptcy court is unlikely to move with the same vigor you feel once you’ve filed.

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Your Bankruptcy Trustee is Not Your Friend

When you file for bankruptcy the court assigns a trustee to your case. This is the person responsible for making sure your creditors get what you owe them. He or she is knowledgeable about the bankruptcy process and can get things completed efficiently, but as much as a trustee might seem supportive or like a guide through bankruptcy, he or she is not on your side.

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What Actions Should You Avoid Before Filing for Bankruptcy?

There are plenty of things you need to do if you are thinking of filing for bankruptcy in Georgia, but there are also several things you shouldn’t do, too. The days, weeks, and months leading up to filing for bankruptcy are crucial, and the actions you take and do not take during this time can result in how smoothly the bankruptcy process goes for you. In some cases, your actions during this time could result in the denial of your bankruptcy.

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How Does the Marital Adjustment Deduction Affect People Filing for Bankruptcy?

You have a lot to think about when filing for bankruptcy, and in many cases, you’ll have even more to consider if you are married. One of the biggest challenges faced by those filing for bankruptcy when they are married is how filing will affect their marriage. The good news is there are tools available that can make it easier for both spouses when only one is filing.

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Three Things to Look for in a Bankruptcy Attorney

Working with a bankruptcy attorney when you file for bankruptcy is essential, but how do you choose the one who is right for you? There are plenty of people out there qualified and able to help you, but it’s important you get the support you need from the right person.

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What You Need to Know about Bankruptcy Certificates

The goal of bankruptcy is to help you get a fresh start and move forward with fewer financial burdens. As part of the process, you not only reorganize or eliminate debt, you also learn how you can avoid financial challenges in the future. One of the ways you do this when you file for bankruptcy is to participate in pre- and post-filing counseling.

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Is It Possible for Someone to Sue Me While I’m in Bankruptcy?

Bankruptcy can be a smooth transition from financial strife to a much easier life, but in some cases the person filing for bankruptcy faces a few bumps along the way. This is especially true when someone files a lawsuit against you during bankruptcy. In many instances, the automatic stay bankruptcy creates protects you from legal action, but there are times when legal action can complicate the bankruptcy process.

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Three Surprising Facts about Bankruptcy – And Why You Should Know the Truth before You File

Filing for bankruptcy comes with a number of emotions: fear, apprehension, anxiety, overwhelm, and hopefully, a bit of excitement that you are finally getting your financial situation under control. Unfortunately, there are a number of misconceptions about bankruptcy that often interfere with the excitement and instead, cause negative emotions to take over. For some, these negative emotions based on misconception delay the filing process, leading to a worse financial situation than necessary.

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What are Joint Bankruptcy Petitions?

When you decide to pursue bankruptcy, you have the option of filing as an individual or filing a joint petition if you are married. When you file jointly, the bankruptcy court reviews both your credit history and the credit history of your spouse, and makes their decision about your bankruptcy based on information from the two of you. When you file a joint petition, you are filing for a single bankruptcy, but you are doing so based on the financial situation of two people.

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What is Zombie Debt?

Zombie debt. It’s a term that sounds scary and it’s used to describe a phenomenon that can be scary for someone who believes a debt to be a thing of the past. How does a debt come back to life – like a zombie?

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What Happens If I Forget to List a Creditor on My Bankruptcy Application?

Filing for bankruptcy is a big step and one of the reasons people postpone the process is because they are scared to make a mistake.

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Breaking Bankruptcy Laws: What You Don’t Know Can Get You Into Trouble!

Bankruptcy is a major life changing event. Though it might not seem like it at first, it is a positive step in the right direction. It’s a commitment, not only to yourself to build a brighter financial future, but to the bankruptcy court and your creditors. And like all big commitments, there are guidelines and things required from you – legal requirements that if not met, could get you into trouble.

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